Five Cool Features On Our Website

Five Cool Features On Our Website

1. Social Media Interaction

At the Competitive Sports Clinic we like to be social, so we have set up our website accordingly. We are very active on social media, posting articles, videos, research papers as well as general information. There are a number of ways you can interact with our social media feeds through our website:

The Header and Main Body of the Home Page:

1.2 Main Body


The Side Bar of the Content Pages:

1.3 Sidebar

The Footer of the Blog

1.4 Footer

2. Blog Articles

You will love the blog section of the website as it allows us to communicate with the entire community, not just our valued clients. We post our own original articles frequently, discussing all sorts of topics such as, injury prevention, specific injuries, and latest research and exercise ideas.


3. Skype Calling

Because our phone number is internet-based you can call us via your personal Skype account. That means it’s free! (Provided you have an active internet connection). All you have to do is open and login to your Skype account, then click on the Skype button on the header of our website and you call will go straight through. It’s as easy as that!

3. Skype Button



4. The Resources Section

Our resources section is an ever-expanding library of information related to injury prevention, exercise and training techniques. Here you will find access to our exercise video library and this is where we will be posting free training and coaching programs in the not too-distant future.

4. Resources Section

5. Online Bookings

Ok, this feature is not that cool, as most websites have it these days, but it is convenient! Our online booking feature is located in the top right corner of the website (next to the Skype button). It will take you to an easy-to-follow booking window that takes no time at all.

5. Online Bookings


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About the Author:

Dr. Nicholas Tripodi is a Co-director and Osteopath at the Competitive Sports Clinic located in the Essendon District. Nicholas has particular interests in sports injuries, exercise rehabilitation and running and cycling analysis.