Osteopathy and Exercise Rehabilitation for Plantar Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis)


Plantar Fasciitis (PF), also known as Plantar Fasciopathy or plantar heel pain, is a painful and sometimes chronic condition that is characterised by pain in the origin of the plantar fascia (see picture below), and undesired changes in the tissue on MRI an/or Ultrasound. PF affects people from all walks of life, can occur in both active and sedentary people, and it is one of the most common running-related injuries.

Osteopathy and Exercise Rehabilitation for Netball


With the netball season just starting, what better time to talk about how Osteopathy and Exercise Rehabilitation at the Competitive Sports Clinic can be of benefit to a netball athlete. In this article we will look at how an Osteopathic consult is structured, how it will be tailored for a netballer and what components make up the exercise rehabilitation program, including training advice, biomechanical screening and recommendations, along with the implementation of injury prevention strategies.

Running Analysis for Anterior (Front) Shin Pain

Gait analysis



Anterior shin pain refers to any pain experienced at the front of the shin area (see image below). It is most often experienced during exercise, especially during running. Terms classically used to for anterior shin pain, but not entirely correct, are ‘shin splints’ or anterior compartment syndrome; we will explore the latter in greater detail.

Lifts of a Nation

If you haven’t been so lucky to travel overseas this year, why not try and bring some multiculturalism into your training. Throwing in some variety to your training can help prevent against boredom and burnout. Follow this tour of strength training to feel like you’ve been around the world in 60 minutes.


Bulgarian Split Squat:

This exercise is great uni-lateral exercise for the glutes, quads and hamstrings and variation to the standard lunge. We often prescribe this exercise in our exercise rehabilitation programs.