Shin Splints – Diagnosis and Rehabilitation


You may not realise, but the stroke swimmers use in the freestyle event is actually called the ‘front crawl’. Freestyle means you can swim with any style you like- the fastest stroke just so happens to be the ‘front crawl’. Swimming is a great form of exercise, but many people who have not been taught to swim effectively at a young age can be put off by its technical nature. This article breaks down the fundamental parts of the front crawl to help you better understand and improve your swimming.800px-EK_Zwemmen_2006_100m_vrij_mannen

Triathlon is an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding sport and is now more popular than ever. However, it can be demanding on the body and occasionally lead to injuries. Given that triathlon consists of three components, it is helpful to break it down into each part. Here’s how an Osteopath at the Competitive Sports Clinic would assess, treat and manage a triathlete.