Are cyclists at risk of ‘weak bone’?

It is well known that weight-bearing exercise is very important for bone development and bone density. Cycling, despite being challenging for your cardio vascular system, doesn’t put a lot of weight-bearing stress through bones in your body the way running or weight training does.

Let’s take a look at what ‘weak bone’ actually is and if cyclists are at risk of developing it.

If you haven’t been so lucky to travel overseas this year, why not try and bring some multiculturalism into your training. Throwing in some variety to your training can help prevent against boredom and burnout. Follow this tour of strength training to feel like you’ve been around the world in 60 minutes.


Bulgarian Split Squat:

This exercise is great uni-lateral exercise for the glutes, quads and hamstrings and variation to the standard lunge. We often prescribe this exercise in our exercise rehabilitation programs.

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kobe bryant sleeping

Sleep is a critical component of many biological functions. It serves to help regulate your mood, immune system, growth and adaption to exercise, and even how much you eat. When an individual is training at a high level, the importance of sleep increases significantly. This article will look at some of the research on the relationship between sleep and elements of athletic performance.